Print,fill out & mail to-Martha's Kitchen P.O.Box 1106 Mt.Olive Ms.39119

Visit our farm for a memorable country dinner. Your party of twelve or more will enjoy an all-you-can-eat meal including two meats,vegetables,home baked pies,breads and freshly churned butter when available. The cost per person is $11.00 for Menu 1; $13.00 for Menu 2; $15.00 for Menu 3 (6.00 for children 9 years old and under); tax included. Please reserve the date as far in advance as possible.Please ask us for the date you'll need to send the following information._______________________________

Person responsible for party____________________________________


Daytime Phone No._______________________________

Date of meal_____________(No Sundays or Mondays)

Second Choice_____________________________________

Time of meal____________

Number in party (12 minimum)_______________


Total Amount Enclosed $___________________________

Circle Your Menu Number


Baked Ham- Tarragon Chicken- Sweet Potatoes- Butter Beans- Corn- Pickles- Cinnamon Applesauce- Blueberry Pie- Pecan Pie


Roast Beef- Tarragon Chicken- Potatoes.Carrots,Onions- Green Beans- Cornbread Salad- Cinnamon Pears- Apple Pie- Coconut Macaroon Pie

3. (Holiday Menu-Nov.& Dec.)

Turkey Breast- Baked Ham- Cornbread Dressing- Sweet Pototoes- Turnip Greens- Corn- Holiday Fruit Salad- Cherry Pie- Sweet Potato Pie

All Meals are served with

Homemade Bread,Iced Tea,and Coffee.


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